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Relaxing in Nature

How to make Shavasana relaxation into a healing journey for your practitioners

A special class with Swami Saraswiti Yogartana

Who is it suitable for?

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For those who wish to know how to deepen the feeling of rest and refreshment at the end of the practice.

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For those who feel that the Shavasana practice has healing potential.

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For yoga teachers and practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of this wonderful thing we call Shasana.

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For those who have studied or practice yoga nidra but want to know how to shorten the practice and still enjoy its benefits.

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For those who want to know how to perform a short yoga nidra practice during shavasana.

A bit about Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, relaxation meditation or yogic dream, is a wonderful and ancient practice that takes us into the deep subconscious. Once we learn how to access our subconscious, we can become aware of anything at this level of our being. It allows us to release the tensions, anxieties, fears and deep phobias.


In the special class with Swami Yogartana we will learn how to apply the yoga nidra practice during Shavasana. We will talk about the stages we go through in the practice of yoga nidra and we will choose several stages to focus on and deepen so that they can also be used in a short relaxation practice.

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All about

Swami Yogaratna Saraswati

 Satyananda tradition in India, having an ashram in

Gokarna. Swami has over 35 years of experience teaching yoga therapy, yoga for cancer healing, Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, and many techniques from traditional tantra. Swami is best known for her specialization in teaching and training teachers to practice yoga Nidra. She teaches and trains teachers in India, and all over the world. Her students attest to her being a teacher with great knowledge, quality teaching, full of sensitivity, patience, inclusion and compassion.

"give an excellent combination between information and practice, her reply of every question with curiosity and pleasure was wonderful, and above all - the depth of her knowledge and her talent for teaching made the difference."
"I was surprised that even though it was on Zoom there was closeness and intimacy. Swami's deep knowledge of the subject, her extensive experience and her ability to convey information in a simple and precise manner along with her pleasant personality and caressing voice allowed me to deeply experience Yoga Nidra."
"It is always gratifying to meet people who have dedicated themselves to training and Swami Yogartana is not only a highly experienced nun but a teacher with a considerable desire to teach."
"The clarity and silence from which Swami teaches is inspiring and shows that she really lives what she teaches, this is so important to me when I choose a teacher to learn from."
"I greatly enjoyed the accessible and practical content, the joy of life and the light in Swami Yogartana's eyes. And also from her abundant knowledge that she gave generously and clearly. I recommend this couse for every person- to learn and integrate this wonderful practice in personal training and in his teaching"

Swamiji's disciples tell about her

All the Details

Sunday 26/3
India time



Join a special class with Swami Yogartana and we will learn together how to deepen the special energy of healing and rest that is found in our sweet Shavasana and that of our students.

Thank you, see you soon

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